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A reminder for new readers. That Was The Week collects the best writing on critical issues in tech, startups, and venture capital. I select the articles because they are of interest. The selections often include things I disagree with. The articles are only snippets. Click on the headline to go to the original. I express my point of view in the editorial and the weekly video below.

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Essays of the Week

How to Do Great Work Paul Graham

How Analytics Wins – Ergest Xheblati

The Modern Data Stack – Muji

Twitter and Threads

Twitter’s Final Boss: Zuckerberg Wages War

You can’t post ass, Threads is doomed

Meta’s New Threads App Reaches 30 Million Users in Less Than a Day

Twitter threatens to sue Meta over its new Threads app

Video of the Week

Vinod Khosla – The Trillion $ AI Opportunity

AI of the Week

AI and the automation of work – Benedict Evans

Why Generative AI is such a “Nuclear” Force

OpenAI makes GPT-4 generally available

Artificial Intelligence firms flock to SF, “AI capital of the world”

News Of the Week

Nutrition, sleep and mental health advice offered to tech founders at risk of burnout

First Cut — State of Private Markets: Q2 2023

VC Exit Value Sags to Lowest Level Since the GFC

US venture capital spending drops sharply in 2Q

Unicorns face mass extinction as funding plummets

Khan Rewrites the Merger Rulebook

Startup of the Week

SoftBank backs Japanese robotics startup Telexistence in $170M funding round

Thread weet of the Week

Bluesky, Twitter, Threads and Mastadon as clothing styles


Mark Zuckerberg has the demeanor of a naughty schoolboy. He brazenly misbehaves and yet somehow insists he is playing fair.

Threads, let’s be honest, is a very poor Twitter clone. It looks a bit like Twitter, smells like Twitter, and even feels a bit like Twitter. And that is intended. It’s a minimum viable Twitter or an MVT.

Mark is a copycat and a fibber

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