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    Content The BelieversThe Non-BelieversHeard in Silicon ValleyStartup of the WeekTweet of the WeekEditorialThis week sees the parting of the ocean, perhaps somewhat appropriate for the Passover weekend. On the one side the believers, believing in startups, Bitcoin as an energy store and an investment-grade asset, Remote digital events, Medium as

  • How to Tell Your Startup Story to Investors

    How to Tell Your Startup Story to Investors

    This material is open source. Please feel free to share, re-publish links etc. There is no license. It was developed by me to use with my portfolio companies at ADV ( Public Copy of Deck Structure How startups are compared to each other by investors

  • In defense of Mark Zuckerberg

    That Was The Week – Essay Facebook, Twitter and platform censorship. Of course Mark Zuckerberg is an easy target. Seeming to protect Donald Trump is not a popular step. We have all learned to understand how utterly self-serving President Trump is, and that Trump will do and say almost anything in order to attempt to…