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  • Is TikTok Hatred Racist?

    Is TikTok Hatred Racist?

    This is the section of That Was The Week where I comment on the week’s content and often state opinions. Opinions are, of course, just that. And it is fair for readers to disagree. So, fair warning 🙂 – this week is going to be full of opinions.

    My focus is the growing attacks on TikTok. These attacks come from many places. Elected officials, regulators of course. But increasingly from its competitors.

  • The Queen

    The Queen

    Her full title reads

    Elizabeth II, by the Grace of God, of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and of Her other Realms and Territories Queen, Head of the Commonwealth, Defender of the Faith.

    She is no more. And much of what she stood for is also in decline

  • China Rising

    China Rising

    A lot to digest this week. China’s global economic leadership in sustainable tech, @garrytan has a new role heading Y Combinator, @OM exposes Apple’s AI weakness, @VitalikButerin has a new book, @Cloudflare defends the freedom to publish, @ttunguz thinks about web3 apps and @SamirKaji tweets about what makes a good VC.

  • Sunshine on a Cloudy Day

    Sunshine on a Cloudy Day

    Silicon Valley is struggling to adjust to the post-2021 correction. Some signals are way up, like Snowflakes revenues and stock price. Others are down, like funding rounds. Venture is always a few steps behind on both the downside and the up. But today is sunny, and so is the near future.

  • Mad or Bad? What Are They Thinking?

    Mad or Bad? What Are They Thinking?

    $350m for @AdamWeWork. The world has not gone mad. Read why Marc Andreessen (@pmarca) did it. Plus @ReidHoffman on AI, Josh Nicholson on Science and AI, @BrianSolis on Web3 marketing @Alexoppenheimer on valuing companies, and much more. TOTW @matt_gray_

  • How Are Unicorns Born?

    How Are Unicorns Born?

    This week @bhorowitz and David Weiden of @KhoslaVentures talk about culture as a catalyst for a healthy company. @SamirKaji talks about the importance of emerging seed investors, and @HunterWalk discusses the importance of angels with operating experience to a CEO. @Om Malik and @BGurley talk about survival techniques during downturns. How is a Unicorn Born? That is the common theme.

  • The Future of the Newsletter

    The Future of the Newsletter

    This week I contrast the views of Substack co-founder Hamish McKenzie and Vox’s Peter Kafka. And I couldn’t resist a few suggestions to Hamish. The Future of the Newsletter is the future of the network, whatever the outcome, so this is important.

  • Deep Minds Think Alike

    Deep Minds Think Alike

    Deep in the heart of summer and @Om links to the 200 best dance songs of all time. I’m passing it on as a gift. And DeepMind figured out the structure of 200m human proteins. Now that really is a gift. Data and Science are crucial to humanity’s future. Deep Minds think alike is this week’s theme.

  • Down, Down, Deeper and Down

    Down, Down, Deeper and Down

    In a week where the public markets rebounded, private market talked was all about downside. Content from @ttunguz @jasonlk @geneteare and @crunchbase is startup of the week.

  • Truth is Overrated

    Truth is Overrated

    A @bgurley tweet pointed to an essay written by Isaac Saul (@Ike_Saul), founder of Tangle. His essay challenges the idea that misinformation is a problem. He argues that nothing we humans think we know is actually true. Rather it is our provisional understanding. Of course, he is right. Truth is overrated