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  • Live Sports – The Next Streaming War

    Live Sports – The Next Streaming War

    An average sports stadium can hold 50-100,000 fans. But teams have millions and sometimes billions of fans. What is the rue value of rights to stream games? This week Amazon bought UK Champions League rights. Can we expect more money to come for sports rights and who should own them?

  • Live Long and Prosper

    Live Long and Prosper

    Netflix announced 300 layoffs and Brex pulled the rug on its small business customers. But LocalGlobe raised $500m, InFarm announced to new farms and eBay bought NFT firm KnownOrigin. Making the right choices will help us all to live long and prosper. Web 3 seems to still be a good choice.

  • Adapt or Die

    Adapt or Die

    The Dark Ages describes a time when little or nothing changed. There was no progress. It needed the agricultural and industrial revolutions to break out from the dark. 2022 might seem dark but there is innovation all around us. Adapt or Die is this week’s theme. And unlike the dark ages, adaptation is an option. Content from @bgurley @samirkaji @sethlevine @geneteare @sequoia

  • The Private Wealth Secret

    The Private Wealth Secret

    This week sees a major shift from public to private investment, with UBS and Cathy Wood’s ARK weighing in. But what is the secret to unlocking private wealth growth? Content from @ArkInvest @UBS @join_EF @fpert041 and @geneteare from @crunchbasenews

  • The Good News, Bad News, Week

    The Good News, Bad News, Week

    34 new unicorns in May and three new decacorns. It’s the best time in 5 years to be a VC? But Tiger is down 52%, 15–20,000 tech workers have been laid off and Sheryl Sandberg is leaving Facebook. It’s a good news, bad news, week.

  • The Birth of the New

    The Birth of the New

    Another glut of writing seeks to understand what has changed in the economy, the public markets, and the startup world. As the old world dies the only important question is, what is being born? @nfx @sequoia @geneteare @crunchbasenews @signalrank

  • Investing in the Time of Cholera

    Investing in the Time of Cholera

    In Love in the Time of Cholera, the author tells a story of a world of plague, civil war, and mass murder, yet love still dominates the protagonist’s story. This week the continued collapse of the public market begs the question, are we still in love with investing in startups?

  • Death on Two Legs

    Death on Two Legs

    Terra’s LUNA token lost 99.99% of its value in a flash and UST, its stable coin, lost close to 80%. This is not supposed to happen. The FT disclosed Tiger Global may be down $17 billion as the tech stocks collapsed. Are crypto and unicorn investing dead?

  • Markets in Freefall

    Markets in Freefall

    Markets fell over 5% Thursday on the day Elon Musk announced he had raised $7 billion to help the purchase of Twitter. What are we to think? Bull market for tech, or bear market? Content from @danrose999 @elonmusk @mattturck @EricNewcomer @ttunguz @Samirkaji @sether

  • StreamWars


    Netflix is a buy, along with HBO and Disney. This is a week we should mourn the death of broadcast and cable (or celebrate 🙂 ), not Netflix.