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  • The end (or beginning) of start-ups?

    The end (or beginning) of start-ups?

    This week’s news is dominated by Facebook, Apple, and Crypto but we ignore it and deep dive into libertarianism, DAOs, and Peter Thiel.

  • Our Blockchain Future

    Our Blockchain Future

    Elon Musk, Jack Dorsey, Cathie Wood, Fred Wilson, Mike Arrington all weighed in on the future of the planet this week. Some must-read stuff. By Keith Teare • Issue #266 (2021 #29) • View online Contents This Week’s Video Our Blockchain Future Venture Capital — It’s getting serious out there Feed The World Shrink The World? Twitter’s Transformation Attack of […]

  • The Blockchain Moment

    The Blockchain Moment

    Momentum is building behind blockchain technology, and it is not limited to Bitcoin. This week we step back and survey the horizon

  • Its coinbase Time

    Its coinbase Time

    That Was The week 2021, #15 By Keith Teare • Issue #15 • View online Coinbase listed in New York and is now worth over $60 billion. The listing symbolizes the coming of age of Bitcoin and the Blockchain. Contents Coinbase Time AI on the Rise SPAC Land Amazon – Tone Deaf? Startup of the […]

  • Assets: Does the Rise of Bitcoin Mean the Decline of America?

    By Keith Teare • Issue #6 • View online That Was The Week 2021, #6 Content Bitcoin and AmericaNews Corp, Google and the NewsSPACs and Bubbles — The New NormalAndreessen, Clubhouse, Twitter, FacebookStartup of the Week: Waze and UI PathTweet of the Week Editorial This week my reading seems to have converged on a single theme again […]