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  • Cash For Creators? It’s happening

    Cash For Creators? It’s happening

    By Keith Teare • Issue #265 • View online This week Facebook announced a one billion dollar budget for enticing creators to use its platforms. The New York Times said Venture Capitalists are looking to invest in creators. Cash for creators is finally here it seems Contents Want a share of $Billions? Venture Disruptors Is Time the Real…

  • Mobile Kills TV

    Mobile Kills TV

    Mobile media consumption grew 460% between 2011 and 2021. TV was down 24% and desktop consumption down 29%, with radio down 19%. But it has only just begun as mobile eats all media.

  • Is the Creator Economy For Real?

    Is the Creator Economy For Real?

    That Was The Week 2021, #14 By Keith Teare • Issue #14 • View online Should you quit your day job and turn to newsletters, videos, podcasts and Clubhouse? Or, like Leonardo do you need your very own patron? Contents Creators and Work Governments and Innovation. Friends or Enemies? Bubble or Bust? Are Markets Rational? Startup of the…

  • Is Clubhouse in Trouble?

    Is Clubhouse in Trouble?

    Content quality, which equates to participant quality, will be the greatest challenge facing Clubhouse. Its fight with other real-time audio platforms (new ones this week announced by Linkedin and Spotify) will be won or lost on that.

  • Creators — Your Time Has Come

    Creators — Your Time Has Come

    That Was The Week 2021, #7 By Keith Teare  • View online Contents Creators Grab the SpotlightClubhouse is still Talk of the TownThe War on Social MediaSilicon Valley Water CoolerSPACs Just Will Not Go AwayWorth a MentionStartup of the WeekTweet of the Week Editorial Are you a creator? Do you produce a newsletter? Videos? Podcasts?…

  • Who is in Charge? Tech Elites or the Digital “Mob”?

    By Keith Teare • Issue #4 • View online That Was The Week — 2021 Issue #4 Contents Editorial The urge to knock power off of its seat is widespread. From the “speak truth to power” instinct through to the Black Lives Matter rebellion and, yes, even the assault on the Capitol, people everywhere are open to…