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  • How to Tell Your Startup Story to Investors

    How to Tell Your Startup Story to Investors

    This material is open source. Please feel free to share, re-publish links etc. There is no license. It was developed by me to use with my portfolio companies at ADV (https://accelerated.ventures) Public Copy of Deck Structure https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ZKHz-M-4Y0RWJNamkGADdEZ1E3cBYKncI9P3r46lyc0/edit How startups are compared to each other by investors https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1jhfCeo0DsX3xnt0o_jSMT_Xw4S0E1MJGByctQ6Jf5gc/edit#slide=id.g88f615b5b5_1_87

  • In defense of Mark Zuckerberg

    That Was The Week – Essay Facebook, Twitter and platform censorship. Of course Mark Zuckerberg is an easy target. Seeming to protect Donald Trump is not a popular step. We have all learned to understand how utterly self-serving President Trump is, and that Trump will do and say almost anything in order to attempt to…