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  • Growth: What is it Good For?

    Growth: What is it Good For?

    The Facebook whistleblower accused the company of putting growth and profit before everything. So, is growth bad? Is it incompatible with human good? Or is it the essence of progress?

  • Apple’s Very Bad Week

    Apple’s Very Bad Week

    Apple crosses to the dark side. Its image fingerprinting and matching technology can be used for much more than protecting children. And it will be. The right to privacy is more important than ever.

  • Wanted: An Internet Bill of Rights

    Let’s Protect Free Speech Online That Was The Week, 2021, #2 This week’s video is here: [embedded content] I am using the Telegram App to enable readers to follow That Was The Week as a real time newsletter. I usually post a sneak peek of the newsletter there on Thursday afternoon Pacific Time. It is […]