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  • The end (or beginning) of start-ups?

    The end (or beginning) of start-ups?

    This week’s news is dominated by Facebook, Apple, and Crypto but we ignore it and deep dive into libertarianism, DAOs, and Peter Thiel.

  • Venture Capital Deep Dive

    Venture Capital Deep Dive

    and a video essay by @kteare to accompany a great selection of writers from across the venture ecosystem

  • Venture Capital 3.0

    Venture Capital 3.0

    Sam Lessin writes a really good piece on the end of venture capital as we know it. But it is not the end of venture capital as we know it. It’s the end of the second act. 3.0 coming up.

  • Startups IPO. Why Not VCs?

    Startups IPO. Why Not VCs?

    The End of the Artisan VC? By Keith Teare • Issue #27 • View online Another Venture firm announced plans to become a publicly listed company this week. Nic Brisbourne’s Blackrock-backed Forward Partners is the fund in question. So, can VCs become publicly listed companies? Contents Public Listings for VCs? Google will win against accusations […]

  • 2021 — 199 Unicorns so far

    2021 — 199 Unicorns so far

    2021 has seen 199 private valuations over $1 billion. The year has 7 months still to run. In response to this wealth creation angels, seed funds, venture funds, and growth-stage investors are changing the rules of the game.

  • Mixed Signals

    Mixed Signals

    Global technology is creating a new class of companies valued over $100B. But who is winning and who is losing, and how can we ensure the benefit is evenly spread?

  • Venture Capital is Changing…Again

    Venture Capital is Changing…Again

    That Was The Week 2021, #19 By Keith Teare • Issue #19 • View online Back in the day, Venture Capital was simple. Raise a fund, pick the best startups and invest in the A round, follow on at the B and C, when revenue gets to a certain point (a variable) go and do an IPO, possibly […]

  • Its coinbase Time

    Its coinbase Time

    That Was The week 2021, #15 By Keith Teare • Issue #15 • View online Coinbase listed in New York and is now worth over $60 billion. The listing symbolizes the coming of age of Bitcoin and the Blockchain. Contents Coinbase Time AI on the Rise SPAC Land Amazon – Tone Deaf? Startup of the […]

  • Do You Believe in Magic?

    Do You Believe in Magic?

    That Was The Week 2021 A week where believers in a future were confronted by a host of non-believers By Keith Teare • Issue #11 • View online Content The Believers The Non-Believers Heard in Silicon Valley Startup of the Week Tweet of the Week Editorial This week sees the parting of the ocean, perhaps somewhat appropriate for the Passover […]

  • Capitalism Deformed?

    Does Venture Subvert Markets? That Was The Week, #46 If you enjoy ‘That Was The Week’  please consider a paid subscription. We have 5500 subscribers but only 200 are paid. If that could become 1000 then this would become a self-supporting publication. This week’s video is here: [embedded content] I am using the Telegram App […]