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  • Venture Capital Deep Dive

    Venture Capital Deep Dive

    and a video essay by @kteare to accompany a great selection of writers from across the venture ecosystem

  • The App Store War

    The App Store War

    Apple agrees to modify App Store rules in Japan in a week where South Korea passes a law forcing Apple and Google to create a billing back-door for developers who want to avoid paying for carriage.

  • Money is Changing

    Money is Changing

    Money is changing. Machine Learning is broken. China is winning foreign investment. Apple is becoming a spy and venture capital is exploding in all directions. Another That Was The Week.

  • Facebook and Afghanistan

    Facebook and Afghanistan

    As Kabul collapsed and the Taliban took over, Facebook decided to try and remove any Taliban related content. Good or Bad?

  • Don’t Underestimate China

    Don’t Underestimate China

    This week we do a deep dive into how China’s tech sector is building replacements for many US-sourced technology products and seeking true independence from the US as a supplier.