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  • A Global Operating System?

    A Global Operating System?

    2.9 billion people voluntarily use Facebook. Is it the world’s largest democracy? Or an autocracy? It is bigger than China and India combined. The “GDP” of Facebook is $54bn. Voluntary adoption of a global network and content platform seems to be what we are choosing. What are the implications?

  • The App Store War

    The App Store War

    Apple agrees to modify App Store rules in Japan in a week where South Korea passes a law forcing Apple and Google to create a billing back-door for developers who want to avoid paying for carriage.

  • Money is Changing

    Money is Changing

    Money is changing. Machine Learning is broken. China is winning foreign investment. Apple is becoming a spy and venture capital is exploding in all directions. Another That Was The Week.

  • Facebook and Afghanistan

    Facebook and Afghanistan

    As Kabul collapsed and the Taliban took over, Facebook decided to try and remove any Taliban related content. Good or Bad?

  • Apple’s Very Bad Week

    Apple’s Very Bad Week

    Apple crosses to the dark side. Its image fingerprinting and matching technology can be used for much more than protecting children. And it will be. The right to privacy is more important than ever.

  • The Beach Edition — China’s Tech Crunch

    The Beach Edition — China’s Tech Crunch

    China is blocking its own corporations from US listings and the SEC is reacting. Is this China doubling down on its independence from the world economy? Or just politics?

  • Our Blockchain Future

    Our Blockchain Future

    Elon Musk, Jack Dorsey, Cathie Wood, Fred Wilson, Mike Arrington all weighed in on the future of the planet this week. Some must-read stuff. By Keith Teare • Issue #266 (2021 #29) • View online Contents This Week’s Video Our Blockchain Future Venture Capital — It’s getting serious out there Feed The World Shrink The World? Twitter’s Transformation Attack of […]

  • Don’t Underestimate China

    Don’t Underestimate China

    This week we do a deep dive into how China’s tech sector is building replacements for many US-sourced technology products and seeking true independence from the US as a supplier.

  • The Blockchain Moment

    The Blockchain Moment

    Momentum is building behind blockchain technology, and it is not limited to Bitcoin. This week we step back and survey the horizon

  • Sam Altman is Super Smart — Who Knew? 😉

    Sam Altman is Super Smart — Who Knew? ;-)

    That Was The Week 2021, #10 By Keith Teare • Issue #10 • View online Content Content Automation, AI and, Universal Income Interactive Real-Time Streams — The Future is Now Nation-States, Money and, Tech Gossip of the Week Startup of the Week: Stripe Tweet of the Week: Clubhouse Will Fail Editorial This week’s That Was The Week […]